Wet Dust Collector

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wet-type-dust-collection-system APZEM's Wet dust collection system are designed for the capture of wet-able and sinkable or soluble contaminants. The Uni-Wash patented, five-stage filtration process scrubs particulate out of the air and collects it as wet sludge. These systems are ideal for a variety of plant or foundry processes, including metal grinding and deburring operations, buffing and polishing, food processing, ceramic dust and combustible metal processes. It is highly efficient and safe. Wet type dust collector are designed to more efficient, cost effective control, all flammable and non-flammable metal dust contaminants generated from a variety of manufacturing and process applications . The wet type dust collector will help with compliance to local OSHA and NFPA regulations by drawing contaminants away from the operatorís breathing zone and reducing the flammability concerns with metals such as aluminium, titanium and magnesium. Direct drive blower and TEFC motor installed, auto water level control with low level shutoff and a factory pre-wired control panel. Wet type dust collector are working process for the capture of wettable and sinkable particles. This systems Five stage filtration system. First step goes to striking the turbulent water surface in the water tank section of the machine. Second process passing through a vertical water circulation. Third stage scrubbed though a water falls on cone walls, fourth step before the passing through a horizontal water circulation, finally buffeted through the moisture separator section before fan entry and exhaust out of the machine.

Apzem's Wet Type Dust Collector captures aluminum, titanium, or other volatile dust at the point where it is generated. The captured dust is drawn into the water-filter system. Apzem's wet dust collector provides source capture from 1,000 to 20,000 CFM, ranging from single-operation collectors to central collection systems for multi-point processes. Popular options for Wet Collectors include stainless steel construction and drag-type sludge conveyors that provide continuous clean-out for heavy dust applications.


  • Direct Drive/Non-overloading Fan
  • Interior Baffle Section
  • Special Mist Filters
  • Low Maintenance
  • Electronic Water Level Control
  • Galvanized Steel Construction with Two-Part Cold Tar Epoxy Coatings to all Interior Wet Surfaces
  • Industrial Enamel "Gulf Blue" Coating on Exterior
  • Magnahelic Gauge
  • Simple economical scrubber design
  • Corrosion resistant construction provides extended equipment life
  • Pumps are not required
  • No moving parts, spray nozzles, recirculation pumps or piping
  • Small footprint, efficient geometry
  • Sump liquor need not be diluted
  • Low energy use


  • Food industry blending operations
  • Chemical industry solids blending
  • Manufacture or drying operations
  • Explosives/propellants
  • Corrosive dusts
  • Metal grinding or deburring
  • Flake packaging or bagging
  • Fertilizer dusts
  • Lead oxide
  • Paint pigments
  • Solids off-loading stations
  • Solids drying
  • Explosive or propellant dusts
  • Pharmaceutical powders
  • Buffing and polishing compounds