Two Stage Dust Collector

The two-stage dust collector all the features in a compact size. A side from the cleaner operation of a two-stage system with 2- stage filtration system. Central inlet with velocity reducer used automatic filter cleaning and it Can easily be equipped with a great variety of filter materials, bins, emptying systems, explosion relief panels etc. dust collector with automatic cleaning, overlaid on a metal cage. The harmful air enters the Bag house and is forced through the filter bags after which the clean air exits. A timer signals in a solenoid valve to start the cleaning and detects a drop in performance of the cleaning cycle on a regular periodic basis . Determining the filter material is an important part of bag house design, as it determines the life and effectiveness of the filter bag.

Portable Two Stage dust collectors are more efficient than single stage dust collectors. This two stage dust collectors are mostly used to collect heavy duty dusts particles and is mostly implied in fine wood working dust collection. This dust collection equipment works in two stages. The main advantage of this inexpensive dust collection system is that, in the first stage the heavy dust particles are collected in the drum by cyclonic action. In the second stage only the fine and minute dust particles pass through blower impeller and gets collected in the filter bag. This dual stage design construction enhances the efficiency of the machine. Most of the heavy dust particles are collected in the drum such that preventing it from reaching the impeller and thus avoiding damage to the impeller and blower. Since the large particles are stopped from reaching the filter in the first stage only the tiny dust particles reach the filter. This helps in improving the filter efficiency & suction capacity and therefore increasing the lifespan of the dust collection equipment. This two stage dust collector provides great filtration than any other single stage dust collectors.

Apzem Two Stage Dust Collector