Single Stage Dust Collector

Apzem Single Stage Dust Collector features the exclusive varies types of dust collector with consists of wall mounted, portable single inlet, triple inlet and with the bag filters in varying sizes of bags which improves the dust separation to prevent clogging of the filters, and increase packing efficiency of the collector pages. The filter bag captures up to 99.99% of 5-micron particles. The high air velocity stands up to any competitive specifications, and the industrial controls are designed for years of durable use. Collection bags have a snap ring for fast installation and removal. All Apzem dust collectors are built with utmost quality, efficiency and safety.Choose any of our dust collector types below or call us at +91-044-26580258 or send your enquiry to . We are very much happy to assist you in selecting and customizing our widest range of dust collectors, Dust extraction and collection systems, Hoods, Chimney & other Accessories that best suits your needs and fits within your budget.

Single Stage Dust Collectors are suitable for small scale industries and they play a vital role in eliminating the airborne dust particles that cause severe damage to lungs of the employee working in the industry. This single stage dust collector is a small unit and it requires less ducting and so it is very easy to install and requires less floor space. This single stage dust collector has optimum suction capacity and is capable of extracting any debris that your machine leaves behind. Single stage dust collectors are mostly used in collecting woodwork dust and wood chips. The main advantage of single stage dust collector is that it is the most cost efficient way of providing clean work environment.

This dust collection unit is designed by highly trained professionals such that it operates with much less noise. Dust collection equipment is more essential for process that produces very fine micron sized dust particles. Blower is specially designed and is made of high quality aluminum and steel impeller is used to create high level vacuum and so high suction is achieved. The salient feature of Apzem's single stage dust collector is that it can be easily operated and requires very low maintenance. This is an efficient cost effective way to remove contaminants from the air. This single stage dust collectors are also known as Wood dust collectors. The best way to deal with the wood dust is to capture the dust at the source and single stage dust collectors are the best and cost efficient solution for source capturing of wood dust.

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