Dust Collection System

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Apzem is a leading manufacturer of industrial dust collection system. We have a strong and dedicated team to provide clean and safe working environment for all dust and other industry applications. With high effective and quality engineering of all of the products we manufacturer will ensure that all operations of any size can prevent their employees with custom solution made for your needs. All our Dust collection systems and filters are OSHA complaints to provide the best safe environment. The APZEM dust extraction system is made accessible in varied size and dimensions. These machines help in extracting the precious metals from these ores. Our machines are widely acclaimed in the market for their long service life, robust construction and user-friendly nature. Dust collection is the process of removing or collecting solid particles from airflow to comply with stringent air pollution standards. Large filters trap airborne particles before they are released into the outside air.
Dust Control is must for any kind of industrial processing to safeguard working labors and machineries from hazardous dust. Dust collection system are most widely used to provide a clean work environment so as to protect the employee from harmful and hazardous fumes. Indoor dust particles are more harmful when compared to outdoor dusts. Continuous exposure to fine particles can also affect lung function and worsen medical conditions such as asthma and heart disease. So these dusts must be efficiently captured before it is inhaled by the workers. The health hazards caused by the dust particles depends on the size, type and composition of dust. Very fine dust particles are much more hazardous and can cause adverse effects on the inhaler. Hence fine dust collection systems must be used to collect the coarse dust particles. Industrial dust collectors must be used in large industries and health hazard is a major factor where several employees work. Dust Collecting system can be used in any industries where micron sized dust particles are produced

Apzem is a manufacturer and supplier of wide range of fume and dust extraction products. Here at Apzem we manufacture efficient dust collectors from high quality raw materials. We design and develop dust collectors that capture dust at the source. The most special feature of Apzem's dust collector is that it has strong suction power, compact in size and runs in very low noise level. All our products are widely in demand because of its excellent design features and suction capacity. Customers can rely on our products because we manufacture products according to international norms and standard and we provide better dust collectors cleaning service.


  • Lifting lugs for easy installation and movement
  • All units designed for indoor/outdoor use
  • No tool cartridge removal
  • High inlet design reduces cartridge wear and loading
  • Internal baffles eliminate dust re-entrainment
  • Drawer or standard hopper designs available
  • Compressed air manifold mounted with pipe couplings on both ends for easy connection of air supply
  • One full set cartridges (99.99% efficiency)


  • Blast cleaning : Metals, Equipment
  • Bag filling and emptying : Animal feed, Building products, Additives
  • Conveying, mixing, blending: All powders, Pellets and granulated material
  • Crushing, screening, sieving: From quarried minerals to pharmaceutical powders
  • Grinding, polishing, finishing: Metals and other materials
  • Foundry processes: Melting and sand reclamation to fettling and finishing
  • Milling: Food and feed raw materials, Grains, Pulses
  • Cutting and shaping: Laser, Plasma, Mechanical sawing
  • Powder coating: Surface finishing, Decorative coatings
  • Hot metal processes: Galvanizing, Metal spraying


  • Dust, fume and mist collection equipment deliver variety of benefits and advantages to businesses. It provides positive results to many aspects of your operation including: LOWER OPERATING COSTS : It reduces maintenance expenses, increase equipment life and lead to reduced energy costs by recirculating clean air within the workplace.
  • It improves safety and cleanliness in the workplace, thus reducing your health and fire risks.
  • It contributes to increased productivity by reducing equipment downtime, workers' sick days and on-the-job injuries.
  • It provides a nearly dust-free environment. This results in improved product quality and reduced product defects caused by dust contamination.
  • It ensures a clean and healthy workplace possible.
  • It assists you in meeting government regulations.
  • It leads to better employee morale and higher job satisfaction. This results in reduced hiring and training costs.