Bag House Dust Collector

Apzem is the biggest industrial Bag Filter Dust Collectors of India. Our Bag Filter Dust Collectors are manufactured using the best quality raw materials by our best and experienced engineers. The designs of the Bag Filter Dust Collectors are moulded in such a way that they are considered the classic examples of engineering. The Apzem bag filter dust collectors are high in quality and very durable. Our bag filter dust collectors have low price available in the market. Bag filter dust collectors are specially designed to in increasing air volume passing through each bag in the domestic and international markets. Our product salient features are sturdy construction and easy installation and lower maintenance . We make these Bag Filter Dust Collectors using synthetic parts that make it resistance to corrosion and abrasion. Baghouse dust collectors are designed in such a way to handle high volumes of dust air. These baghouse dust collectors use compressed-air self-cleaning system.

This system enables an effective reverse blasting through deformation of the filter bags. Apzem's baghouse dustcollectors filters the micron sized particles and it includes sealed mechanism. Doors are provided for easy access and requires very less maintenance. Moreover Apzem's baghouse dust collector can be easily customized based on the requirements.

We also do custom design, manufacturing, installation and commissioning of dust collectors and dust collection system together with hood, ducts, blowers, chimney along with other accessories for our customers from woodworking Industries, food & pharmaceutical companies, and other companies manufacturing and handling bulk powders and looking for dust control solutions and system. All Apzem dustcollectors are build with outmost quality, efficiency and safety. Choose any of our dust collection products below or call us at +91-044-26580258 or send your enquiry to . We are very much happy to assist you in selecting and customizing our widest range of dust collectors, Dust extraction and collection systems, Hoods, Chimney & other Accessories that best suits your needs and fits within your budget.

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