Manual Shaker Cleaning Dust Collector

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Product Description:

manual-type-bag-house-dust-collector APZEM bag type dust collector with shaker cleaning designed for various air volume applications and solid particles filtration. Installed inside or outside of the facility without losing valuable floor space.The 99% efficiency filter allows clean air to be recycled back into the premises for maximum energy savings.

Apzem's shaker type baghouse dust collection equipment is designed to provide efficient, cost effective control of dry dusts from sanding, grinding, and other processes. This shaker type dust collector is mostly used for light to moderate concentration of dry contaminates. Baghouse dust collector is provided with manual bag shaker cleaning to minimize filter replacement cost and maintenance cost. Apzem's shaker type dust collection unit is small in size. Apzem is a manufacturer of low cost industrial dust collection system. This shaker type dust collection system is perfect for sawdust, grinding, buffing, sanding of different metals powders and composites.

Filter can be easily inspected by opening the access door. Dust collector with manual shaker cleaning system is performed by manually shaking the tubular filter bag. This shaker type dust collector is suitable for interior installation in small shops. This shaker type dust collector is much efficient for medium to large sized pollutants such as grinding, buffing or sanding of different metals, sawdust etc..

Apzem had a strong team of consultants and engineers having deep knowledge in design and commissioning of various industrial air pollution control equipments ,dust collection products, industrial dust collection systems canada, mobile dust collection system,baghouse dust collection system, hoods, ducting. And are looking forward to provide you end to end , complete turnkey solutions to your Air pollution control needs.


  • Excellent filtration AAF engineered envelope (pocket) filters remove up to 99% of general industrial dust by weight
  • Self-contained operation can be easily relocated
  • Quiet operation silencing included on every unit
  • Low maintenance self-cleaning with extra-large dust containers
  • Compact design conserves floor space, can be placed close to machinery
  • Saves energy cleaned plant air can be recirculated to reduce exhaust and energy costs
  • Safer work environment Improves Indoor Air Quality by removing airborne pollutants
  • Rapid filter change and long filter life
  • Durable powdercoat finish for indoor or outdoor service


  • No anti-deflagration devices required
  • Low cost
  • Small footprint
  • Ease of access to the filter bags



  • Technical Schools
  • Trade Schools
  • Vocational Schools
  • Industries

  • Ceramics
  • Food Processing
  • Furniture
  • Plastics
  • Pulp and Papers
  • Rubber
  • Woodworking
  • Rock and Related Product
  • Processes

  • Bin Ventilation
  • Buffing
  • Grinding
  • Mixing
  • Packaging
  • Polishing
  • Sanding
  • Sawing

Technical Specifications & Additional Information:

Air Flow: upto 70,000 CFM

Efficiency : upto 99.99% capturing efficiency

MOC: Mild Steel / SS 304 / SS316 / FRP / PP / PVC

Finish: Powder coated / Matt finish

Power option : 3 Phase.

Customization : Yes , customization available suiting your needs.

Application & Gases scrubbed : Refer above.

Centrifugal Blower,

Spiral Ducts,

Flexible duct,

Suction hoods,

Magnahelic gauge,

Magnahelic gauge,

PH meter

Water Level indicator & controller


VOC Sensor..

Adsorption Media

All Apzem Products are designed to comply with ACGIH and OSHA standards as well as local PCB Standards.

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All Apzem Products are minimum one year waranted for performance and quality.

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